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Relocation or Re-modeling

ECI understands that some of the biggest detriments to a business can be down-time caused by a re-location or a remodel!  Many times we are called in after the move or remodel has been completed just to fix all the problems.  Sadly, this usually costs addition money and even more potential down-time.  The good news is that you should seldom have to suffer with down-time!  Here are some of the issues we regularly help with:


Are you concerned with what might happen if the wiring in your new location is not in place and functional when you move in?


Are you unsure how to properly wire the space in order for it to work in step with the furniture location, networking, phones, and work stations?


Struggling to maintain a facility that is wired correctly without losing the aesthetic beauty of the space?


Frustrated with lack of coordination between a contractor and the other trades needed to eliminate delays, tensions, and additional costs?


Wondering how to get the phone service provider to make the switch to the new system at the right time so that your phones never go down?


Would it be disastrous to lose your computers, even for a day?  What about phones?


Have complex phone and computer configuration issues because they will be laid out completely different than before the move or remodel?  Especially when you can’t find the old phone manuals!


Changing from one building to multiple buildings or have locations with high grease, dust, or moisture and want to ensure your computers and phones can handle it?


These are just a few of the many issues that can literally have you out of business if you are not careful.  If you are considering a move/remodel, in the process of moving or remodeling, or have just completed a move/remodel, let ECI make sure you are always still making money!  Your wiring/phone contractor should not be getting in the way, but help make things smoother!