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Business Phones and Cabling



ECI realizes that few things are more important to a business than how it communicates.  A close second is the ability to present a professional image at the same time.  ECI has phone solutions that will make you much more than it ever costs.  Here are some of the things we see business owners facing every day:


  • Frustrated with old equipment that has poor sound quality?
  • Losing calls for no reason?
  • Being disconnected in mid-conversation?
  • Calls not rolling to the right person?
  • Are you losing messages?
  • Struggling to coordinate with remote workers or cell phones?
  • Lost ability to program phones for changes?
  • Need phone conversations recorded?
  • Unable to tailor your system to fit your business model?
  • Callers either not being routed at all or being put through a maze of menus to the point of frustration?
  • Wondering if you should go IP or not?
  • Know you need a new system and are unsure what will be the best fit?
  • How do you handle the need for additional lines, sets, and phones?
  • Tired of salesmen pushing “their” system, even when it doesn’t meet your needs?
  • Wondering if there will be any service/help after the sale is made?


The list goes on and on.  As important as the phones are, they do not have to be confusing.  Let ECI walk you through a successful answer to your phone issues.






You have spent a lot of money on high-speed data networks, top notch computers, fast internet access, top-of-the-line printers, and the latest software with high band-width requirements but it just doesn’t work the way it is supposed to?  What often happens is that no one has thought about the cabling/wiring that makes all the equipment work effectively!  It does not matter how great the equipment might be, if the cabling is not right you are in trouble.  Here are some problems often encountered:


  • Wiring patch panel looks like a rats nest or you can’t figure out which wire does what?
  • Network can’t handle large downloads with multiple users?
  • Wireless network running slow due to over-sharing?
  • Poor work flow due to old wiring and employee locations?
  • Concerned about your neighbor (competitor) tapping into your wireless information?
  • Structural problems such as high ceilings, solid walls, little access, small crawl space or high traffic areas?
  • Large building with no wiring at all for high-speed internet?
  • Cable dangling around doorways or laying on the floor tripping the employees?
  • Losing business because your hotel doesn’t even offer internet services?
  • Wiring and jacks continuously being ripped out of the wall?
  • Your restaurant computers keep failing because someone is spilling drinks on the wiring?
  • Expect high growth for your company but only wired for existing employees?

The bottom line is that you can not forget the importance of wiring or all your electronic hardware will come back to haunt you!  ECI is not only able to provide all your wiring installation, but can also help you plan and make the best decisions concerning your wiring.