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Referral Partners

ECI teams up with many types of referral partners to form strategic alliances:
   Computer networking and software companies: When working with our clients for phones or wiring, we often find out that they have networking, software, or web-site needs as well.  Since we do not provide these services, we are looking for quality providers to bring our clients to.  At the same time, these providers often install their own cabling for small jobs. But these companies can run into road blocks when faced with large cabling jobs or buildings with difficult wiring pathways. Sometimes they simply don't have the proper tools to perform certain jobs, such as heavy drilling in older stone buildings, lift equipment to reach high ceiling areas such as manufacturing facilities, or trenching equipment for buried cabling requirements. Maybe they just aren't licensed to buy the proper permits for the codes requirements. Partnering with ECI can provide solutions to these problems and together our clients are the real winners.

   Electricians: ECI often has clients with electrical needs that do not fall under our scope of business, especially on large jobs.  In these cases, we have a chance to bring in an electrical contractor to get the job done.  For this reason, we are looking for quality electrical contractors open to receiving referrals from us.  At the same time, there are occasions in which electrical contractors are struggling with having the proper test equipment to provide the required testing documentation for high-speed data wiring. Or maybe they need different tools or specific expertise when fiber optic cabling is required. Partnering with ECI enables these contractors and ECI to provide a total-solution to their customers.

   Property Managers: ECI helps companies looking at re-location, many times before they have even found a new location to move to.  ECI needs relationships with property managers in order to help these clients find the right space.  In addition, we have seen property managers struggling to rent property where the wiring is not sufficient for most companies.  Sometimes the rent has to be dropped just to get someone to look at the space.  This happens a lot when the previous tenant “wired” the space themselves.  Tenant wiring often can cause code problems, major building repairs, and loss of other tenants.  By working together, we have been able to put an end to many of the wiring and phone issues for property managers and help them lease their property faster and at a better rate.