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Manufacturing Facilities, Unique Environments, and Multiple Buildings



ECI understands that not all businesses are operated in a nice, clean office area.  Many industries rely on operations to run smoothly, even in some very demanding environments.  A few examples would be manufacturing operations, restaurants or high moisture areas, and complete environment changes such as renovation of old government buildings or updating hotels.  Here are some of the problems often slow, or even halt productivity in these businesses:


  • OSHA regulations requiring specialized equipment to wire or repair equipment in high ceiling areas. (OSHA does not allow tow motors with skids or cages for this work)
  • Extreme temperatures that cause regular breakdowns due to the heat.
  • Dirty environments with a lot of dust particles, wood particles, grease, etc.
  • Regular network switch and wiring termination problems.
  • High voltage equipment causing spikes that can destroy data and damage equipment.
  • No regular maintenance and testing to prevent shut downs instead of just fixing them.
  • Upgrading or relocating equipment causing long delays due to inadequate wiring. (see relocation and remodel)
  • Moisture issues from the air or from employee spills causing wiring and equipment breakdowns.
  • High traffic areas in which wiring gets tripped over or ripped out.


This is truly a list that can go on for as long as there are different environments that are tough on computers and phones.  The bad part is that when they go down, it often results in large losses of revenue in downtime alone and puts everyone in “emergency mode”.  The good news is that these items can often be addressed in advance to eliminate downtime.  Even if you are already down, let us get you back up fast and in a way that puts an end to these issues.





All operations with multiple buildings face critical issues concerning wiring and communications.  Problems in this area can cause inefficiencies at the least and huge losses in the worst cases.  Some of the regular situations we help with are:


  • Aerial cabling crossing roadways.
  • Aerial cabling sagging with potential traffic implications.
  • Buried cabling becoming physically damaged during installation or subsequent utility work.
  • Installers causing utility outages and subsequent repairs, which can cost thousands of dollars.
  • Communication difficulties for employees in each location.
  • Outside cabling vulnerable to voltage spikes, or lightning strikes that can cause damage to equipment, structures, and personnel.
  • No regular maintenance to prevent breakdowns.
  • No emergency services when you need someone fast.



Multiple buildings are a must for many operations.  The problems in communication for multiple buildings are not.  Let ECI help you to plan, install, and maintain your electronics and communication issues and you can spend your time making money.