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Clients we serve at ECI

My name is Richard Lane and I want to welcome you to my company: Electronic Cable Installation (ECI).  We sell business telephone systems, install cabling for telephones and computers, and provide “music on hold” services.  Here are just a few of the customers we serve on a regular basis:



ECI helps businesses of all sizes that are struggling to sound professional over the phone due to old or outdated equipment.


ECI assists companies fighting with extreme environments or multiple locations to insure that their computer and phone equipment stays up and running.  (i.e. manufacturing operations)


ECI helps organizations that are relocating or re-modeling and can’t afford to have a lot of “downtime” with their equipment.


ECI understands medical practices that are frustrated trying to comply with HIPAA regulations or are unsure about how HIPAA affects their hardware and wiring.  (Also, physicians wishing to avoid all the HIPAA penalties and civil lawsuits!)


ECI provides options to companies that are concerned about their customers being on hold and getting dead silence or even hearing a radio station playing a competitor's ad.


ECI partners with a variety of companies that provide their services to our clients and help put the two together.



If you or someone you know is working through any of these issues above, just click on the matching link for more detail and feel free at any time to call me personally. 



                  Richard Lane